Sample Small Group Reading Lesson

This lesson plan represents a three-day repeated reading cycle with an excerpt from Jingle Bats.  Each day’s lesson is expected to take no more than 20 minutes.  Each lesson is accompanied by a “Must-Do,” an assigned task that requires students to independently apply what was learned in the lesson.  

Because of the carefully controlled readability of HIP novels, students who are guided through an excerpt in this way should be able to read the rest of the book on their own.

TEXT:   Jingle Bats Chapter 5  
(Interest level: Age 9-12  Reading Level: mid Grade 2)
DOWNLOAD Chapter 5, “He Knows if You’ve Been Good or Bad”

Order JINGLE BATS on its own or as part of the BATS MYSTERY PACK.

LEARNING GOALS: Students will be able to…

…ask questions during reading and anticipate the answers
…answer questions about reading with support from the text
…compare and contrast characters in fiction.
…apply letter patterns to encoding and decoding coded messages.

Click here to download the complete lesson plan.

Some of the lesson links and routines include:

Bats 3: Jingle Bats
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