$ 100.00

Over 50% off the individual cost of the novels – only available until June 15!

STOP THE SUMMER SLIDE!  Did you know that there is up to a 4-year gap between privileged kids and the less affluent – almost all of it attributable to summer reading loss?

One study found that giving kids books to take home for the summer not only stopped the summer slide, but actually helped those students make progress over the summer!

We’d like to help you provide books for your students to take home for the holidays. We’ve selected 5 novels from 4 different HIP Theme Packs and put them together in a pack of 4 copies each – a total of 20 books for $100,  over 50% off the individual cost of the books. You might want to organize a couple of Book Club discussions over the summer – or even provide one or two opportunities for the students to come into the school and exchange their books. Read more about Summer Reading Loss – and how to prevent it.

The titles include:
The Warning:  6 short stories of the supernatural
Turf War: A group of guys from an urban neighborhood are forced to protect their turf against racist outsiders, with tragic consequences.
Hostage:  Two teenagers are just depositing their lawn-cutting money when the bank is robbed and they are taken hostage.
Outrage:  Life just isn’t fair for Connor.  Just when he’s trying to turn his life around, he’s blamed for something he didn’t do.
Wolves at the Gate:  A quintessential fantasy novel with shape-shifting characters and a classic struggle between good and evil.


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