ORDER NOW…GET DELIVERY LATER: We realize that some schools and institutions are not open to receive deliveries. If you have budget to spend before you can receive your books, we can help! Place your book orders now and we will hold them in our warehouse until you are ready to receive them.

It is HIP’s mission to provide our most vulnerable readers with material they can and want to read. It’s also our mission to stay in business during this challenging time. To this end, we are offering three ways for teachers and students to access HIP reading materials until you are able to meet face-to-face again:

1. Google Books Previews: You can find most of our books excerpted on Google Books. We have increased our preview to 40% of each book, to provide enough material for students to get a flavour of the book and for teachers to generate some discussion questions or learning activities. Just go to the webpage for a particular title on hip-books.com and look for a link to the Google Books preview (or simply do a search for the title on Google Books). Needless to say, we hope that some students will get hooked on a book and ask their teachers or families to order the entire book when they can.

2. Downloadable readings and activities: HIP TIPs often offers a nonfiction article or downloadable excerpt from one of our novels, along with discussion questions or learning activities that you can send to students who are learning at home. Links to these downloadables may be found on the individual book product pages. At this time, excerpts and learning packs are available for the books listed at the right.

3. Complete Book PDFs: In these unprecedented times, High Interest Publishing is making an unprecedented offer. With the purchase of at least 6 copies of a single title, we will send a PDF download of the entire book, as well as a complimentary HIP Teacher’s Guide. We will email the PDFs and ship the print books whenever you are ready to receive them.

In downloading these PDFs, customers commit to treat the downloadable books as they would print copies. If you own 6 print copies of the book, you are entitled to share 6 copies of the PDF at any given time. Only print or send as many as you have print copies of the book and please do not share them outside your own classroom or home. These downloadable books are intended for temporary use, only until schools are open again.

This offer may change at any time, but we will keep you informed when you order.

HIP print books continue to be available for purchase by schools or families.

If you have specific requests that we have not addressed here, please feel free to call or email us at High Interest Publishing and we will see what we can do. We remain committed to helping you provide books for the students who need them the most.

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