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Mystery Series for Struggling and Reluctant readers

HIP BATS MYSTERY Series for struggling readers consists of six stories featuring two middle-school detectives who call themselves “The Bat Gang.” Everywhere Sam and Simon go, mysteries follow, from the school playground to an exotic tropical vacation.

These books are a great combination of humour and adventure, perfect for upper elementary and middle school students reading at Grade 2-3 level.

The BATS MYSTERY PACK includes all six titles at a special price.

A comprehensive TEACHER’S GUIDE is available for each novel. The BATS MYSTERY TEACHER’S GUIDE PACK includes all 6 Teacher’s Guides at a discounted price.

Interest Levels:   Ages 9-13 (Grades 4-8)
Reading levels:    Grades 2.0-2.5          Lexile levels 340 to 450

FREE DOWNLOADS! On the individual product pages, you will find teaching supports such as:

  • Downloadable excerpts with teaching ideas such as discussion points and response activities
  • Graphic organizers
  • Nonfiction downloadables
  • Vocabulary and Word Study activities, such as the Secret Bat Code that Sam and Simon use to communicate with each other

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“We like your books because we like stories about kids and adventures. They are easy to read for us and there is a lot of exciting parts to your stories. It is hard to put your books down once you start reading. We especially like the codes that we have to solve.” – Daniel & Manuel, Grade 6

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