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HIP novels appeal to teen and preteen readers at all levels, but they are particularly helpful as reading support for reluctant readers.  If you are looking for resources for reading intervention, High Interest Publishing offers exciting novels at accessible reading levels for even the most struggling readers. Whether your students have difficulty reading or not, HIP novels are an excellent addition to any school or classroom library.

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In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at High Interest Publishing were well aware that teachers and administrators had much more on their minds than buying books. We devoted our energy and resources to creating curriculum materials to support teachers in navigating online and in-person instruction.  Read more here.

Novel Series for Reluctant and Struggling Readers


Engaging realistic fiction for struggling readers in Grades 4-12


High interest-low vocabulary novels for students elementary grades


Issues-based hi-lo novels for reluctant readers in senior high school. (Edge / Mainstreet)


Exciting stories of teenage heroes in extraordinary situations


Dragons, heroes and shapeshifters are featured in these hi-lo fantasy novels.

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Two kids solve mysteries all year long in these novels for struggling readers in Grades 4-8.

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Exciting chapter books for Grades 4-6 students reading below Grade 2 level.

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Exciting chapter books for Grades 4-6 students reading below Grade 2 level.

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See HIP Hi-School


See HIP Hi-School

What Teachers are Saying about HIP Books

  • [My friend’s daughter, who has dyslexia,] told me that she just read my hi-lo (high interest, low vocabulary) The Last Dragon all by herself in two days and loved it so much! And it is the first-ever chapter book that she has ever read all by herself! I feel so honoured and also delighted. (beaming and beaming)

    Cheryl Rainfield, Author, HIP Books

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