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“The best books for reluctant readers,” HIP SR titles comprise High Interest Publishing’s flagship series. 20 hi-lo novels serving a wide range of readers in Grades 4-12, especially those reading below grade level. From ghostly tales to contemporary issues, each novel features teenage characters facing exciting adventures, dangerous situations or difficult choices.

A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide is available for each novel. The HIP SR MEGA PACK contains all 20 HIP SR titles and the HIP TWEEN PACK contains a collection of 12 HIP SR and other titles at a significant discount over the individual prices of the books.

INTEREST LEVELS range from age 9-19 (Grades 4-12)
READING LEVELS range from Grade 2.8-4.3                  LEXILE LEVELS range from 430 to 700.

“This series is a “must-have” for any elementary or secondary school library and a valuable classroom acquisition for special education classrooms.”  – CM Magazine

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