Bats in the Graveyard

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Bats in the Graveyard is the second book the BATS Mystery series. On Halloween night, Sam and Simon end up in the local graveyard, running from a ghoul. Then Sam falls into an open grave.  And that’s only the start of their problems!

Author: Sharon Jennings
Reading level: Grade 2.4  (Lexile 370 L)
Interest level: Grades 4-8

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FREE DOWNLOAD! Chapter 2:  “I Vant to Drink Your Blood”
In this book excerpt, Sam and Simon have to plan a Halloween party for Sam’s little sister. But two middle-school boys have quite a different idea about Halloween fun than a group of six year-old girls! Kids will enjoy reading this story about a Halloween party gone wrong. 

Bats in the Graveyard Teacher’s Guide available for purchase or free with 6 or more copies of this title
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