$ 36.50

All four QUICKREAD chapter books at a significant discount over the individual price of the books.  These chapter books look like the novels that the other kids are reading, but are padded with white space and graphic novel-style illustrations to support readers who are in transition between picture books and full-length novels.  See some sample pages here.

Catching Air
It Wasn’t Me
The Rapids
The Treasure

Interest Level:  Grades 3-6
Technical Reading Level:  mid-Grade 1 to early Grade 2*

Note:  HIP uses a variety of readability formulas to determine the reading level of every page of its novels.  A mid-grade one reading level is an indication of the challenges of vocabulary and sentence length; it does not mean the content of these books is appropriate for six year-old readers. 
The HIP QUICKREAD SERIES TEACHER’S GUIDE, covering all four books, is available for purchase, or FREE with every order of 6 or more copies of the same title or pack. 


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