15 original one-page nonfiction passages with ready-to-teach lesson plans

66 pages of student reading passages and teaching tips for Before-, During- and After-Reading

Created by Lori Jamison Rog, author of Struggling Readers: Why Worksheets Don’t Work and Band-aids Don’t Stick

Everything you need for online, independent or teacher-directed learning

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The passages in the HIP NONFICTION TEACHING PACKAGE are designed for independent, online or teacher-directed learning. Each passage includes a Before-, During- and After-Reading routine, most of which are adaptable to almost any nonfiction text. They are most effective as practice opportunities to accompany explicit teaching.

Before-Reading Routines

What readers do before starting to read can make a big difference to how well they comprehends a text. Adequate background knowledge makes a huge difference; in fact, it’s been suggested that background knowledge represents over 60% of comprehension. The Before-Reading routines in this collection include video links, anticipation guides, vocabulary sorts and more to prepare the reader for reading the passages.

During-Reading Routines

It’s particularly important for struggling readers to learn to “read actively.” The During-Reading suggestions often set a purpose for reading; for example, read to see if your predictions were right or read to see which facts you already knew and which you learned.

After-Reading Routines

 Each passage includes two types of after-reading routines:  questions for discussion and some form of written response.

Writing is the single best tool we have for supporting comprehension and retention of information. In these after-reading routines, students are given a range of written response tasks from completing graphic organizers to chunking complex words and sentences to creating original stories and arguments.

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