Daniel Bradley’s task is simple: deliver a Donatello sculpture to Italy for a special exhibition.

The Lost Botticelli cover

But before leaving, he learns that his old art professor has seen photographs of a dark painting hidden in a German castle. The mysterious painting might just be the lost Botticelli masterpiece Daniel had been seeking for a dozen years.

Daniel flies to Germany to view the painting, and The Lost Botticelli appears to have been found. But suddenly Daniel’s quiet, academic world turns upside down. The Germans want millions more for the painting than Daniel and his old professor can ever raise. And two predatory buyers with plenty of money are anxious to get their hands on the work. Meanwhile someone has switched the Donatello statue in Daniel’s care for a piece of eBay junk. Just as Daniel is about to make the greatest discovery of his life, his career is falling apart.

 Trade paperback: $15.95. EPub and MOBI formats: $10.95. To order, click here.


“THE LOST BOTTICELLI is an excellent page-turner of a story, told with humour and wit and full of fascinating details about the art world, both contemporary and ancient. If you enjoyed THE DA VINCI CODE, you will love this novel even more.”  

– Sandra Gulland, author of the Josephine Trilogy

“Art history buffs will be elated with this gem, but the bold prose and devotion to the genre is all-inclusive.”

– Kirkus review. For the full review, click here.

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