TWO COLUMN NOTES – The World’s Easiest Graphic Organizer

Fold a piece of paper in half and – voilà! – you’ve got the world’s easiest graphic organizer!

You can use that sheet of paper folded into two columns in a whole range of ways for responding to literature.  Here are a dozen ideas:

  • I read/I wonder
  • I read/I think or interpret
  • I wonder/I think (or I know)
  • Figurative language/What it means
  • Tricky words/Meanings
  • Key ideas/Supporting details
  • Topic Sentences/Supporting details
  • Character/Decisions or dilemmas
  • What the text says/What I think
  • What’s Important/What’s interesting
  • What I Knew/What is New
  • Opinion/Support or proof

For a different twist on traditional two-column organizers, try flap books and other foldable graphic organizers.

Click here for instructions.

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