Mind Maps

A Mind Map is a type of graphic organizer that uses verbal and visual tools to create a web of information radiating from a central topic or theme.


-The main idea, subject or theme is identified with an image in the centre

– Key ideas are represented by words and/or symbols as branches radiating out from the central topic.

– Supporting details branch out further from the key ideas.

Snail Mind Map

Based on research that suggests that the brain functions in a radial rather than a linear fashion, the Mind Map uses lines, symbols, pictures and words to “map out” information. It’s been suggested that the combination of imagery, color and labels makes the Mind Map a particularly effective tool for learning and recalling information. (See Mind Mapping:  Scientific Research and Studies.)

A Mind Map might be compared to a map of a city. The city center represents the topic or main idea. Key ideas are like the main roads leading out from the center and supporting details are the secondary roads that extend from the main roads.

Mind Mapping is often done by hand, but may also be word-processed. Check out this blog for a list of mostly free mindmapping software.

Snail Mind Map 2
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