The Bully

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In The Bully, a teenage girl struggles against lies and rumors spread by another girl at her school. Ultimately she needs the help of a teacher to work through the issues on both sides.

“You read about boy bullies all the time. You hear how they choose a victim. How they choose some kid who’s smaller and weaker than they are. How they pick on the kid, day after day. You hear about all the physical stuff – the pushes, the punches, the kicks. But girl bullies aren’t like that. A girl bully won’t beat you up. Instead, she beats up your brain. She makes you so scared that you wake up each day just ready to cry.”

Author: Liz Brown
Reading level: Grade 3.2 (Lexile 520 HL)
Interest level: Grades 5-12

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The Bully Teacher’s Guide available for purchase or free with 6 or more copies of this title.
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