In Hostage, two teenagers are held as hostages by a pair of trigger-happy bank robbers. When they’re taken off in a getaway car, both have to risk death to escape from their kidnappers.  A CCBC starred selection.

Author: Alex Kropp
Reading level: Grade 2.5 (Lexile 410L)
Interest level: Ages 12-19 (Grades 7-12)

The story is funny and lighthearted in places, yet, at other times, the reader feels the stress and danger in which the characters find themselves. The images help convey the mood of fear and danger. Struggling and reluctant readers will really enjoy this book and find the story to be a real page-turner.” (CM Review)

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HOSTAGE is one of many HIP Novels that use cliffhangers at the end of chapters.
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Hostage Teacher’s Guide available for purchase or free with 6 or more copies of this title.

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