Readers Theater Plays Pack

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The Readers Theater Pack includes the HIP Readers Theater Plays book, HIP Readers Theater Plays in PDF, plus copies of 15 of the novels from which the plays are drawn – suitable for students in grade 4 to 10+. Titles included: Against All Odds, AvalancheBats in the Graveyard, Choose Your Bully, The Crash, Dark Ryder, Caught in the Blizzard, Ghost House, JuvieOne Crazy Night, Pump, Scarface, Street Scene, Student Narc, and Three Feet Under.  All titles are from the HIP SR and HIP JR collections.
ISBN 978-1-926847-03-0

Readers theater may very well be the best tool we have for building fluency, expression, and even comprehension. Read more about teaching tips for Readers Theater.


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