HIP Urban Issues Theme Pack

$ 54.95

HIP Urban Issues Pack is a discounted collection of HIP novels for readers in grades 6 through high school – all set in the gritty city.

“Putting human faces to the lives behind the statistics”
Dwayne has big dreams that are shattered by a racially charged altercation in the city. Connor is just picking up a soda at the convenience store when he’s accused of theft. Kasim and his buddies are hanging out in the mall when they’re threatened by a bunch of racist outsiders. Nick and Marco risk their lives to find out who’s starting fires in their neighborhood.

The HIP Urban Issues Pack includes two stories based on tragic, true events; two stories involving protecting the ‘hood; and two stories about troubled youth trying to change their ways:

On request, get a complimentary QUIZ PACK for accountability or comprehension support. (Just indicate “Please send Quiz Pack” in the comment box on the payment page.)

A TEACHER’S GUIDE for each novel is also available.

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