The Rapids

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The Rapids, by Paul Kropp, is an abridged version of Shooting the Rapids, reduced to just 4500 words in a 70-page, illustrated chapter book. The story is exciting: on a family canoe trip, Dad gets injured and the two brothers have to get him to safety. They get lost and end up shooting the Bus Cruncher Rapids on their own. The reading is quick and easy, perfect for kids who don’t have the reading stamina to finish the longer, more complex original.

A HIP QuickRead chapter book 

Author: Paul Kropp
Reading level: Grade 2.2  (Lexile 330L)
Interest level: Grades 3-6

FREE DOWNLOAD: Download the nonfiction article “Canoe Survival Kit” with home learning package.

Included with HIP QuickRead Pack.  This Teacher’s Guide will be sent FREE with any order of 6 or more copies of the same QuickRead title.
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