$ 85.95

10 novels about survival in the snow, in the woods, in the water and in the city

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What is it about survival stories that have an enduring appeal to YA readers?  Read more here.

Survival stories involve characters pitted against an external force such as the environment or a powerful antagonist. These stories feature regular teenagers, just like our readers, who are confronted with the challenges of weather, wilderness and dangerous foes.

The HIP SURVIVAL THEME PACK contains novels from the HIP SR, HIP HI-SCHOOL and HIP XTREME collections and includes best-sellers Avalanche, Lost, and Our Plane is Down, along with 7 additional popular titles:

FREE DOWNLOADABLE! Complete Learning Activities Package with nonfiction article on “The Winter Survival Rules of Three,along with before, during and after reading discussion points and practice with creating an outline.


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