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We at HIP are big advocates of graphic organizers for all students, but particularly for struggling readers. Graphic organizers provide a framework for readers to organize the information that they read, provide valuable opportunities for writing to learn, and remove the intimidation factor of the “blank page.”  

The Institute for the Advancement of Research in Education (IARE) conducted a research study in 2003 entitled “Graphic Organizers: A Review of Scientifically Based Research.” The study concluded that Graphic organizers:

  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Benefit students achievement levels
  • Enhance thinking and learning skills
  • Increase retention

Click on the links below to download some of HIP’s Graphic Organizers.

Pyramid Story Summary 

Compare and Contrast Chart 

Foldable Graphic Organizers

SOS (Summary, Opinion, Support) 

Three Rs Response (Retell, Relate, Reflect)

Two-Column Notes

Excitement Graph

Plot Profile

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