$ 99.95

TWEEN PACK for Grades 4-8 Readers

Are you looking for books for readers who are beyond HIP JR but not quite ready for the more sophisticated HIP novels? The TWEEN PACK is a collection of 12 titles for those “in-between” readers – exciting storylines, somewhat younger characters, and Grade 2-3 reading levels. These titles come from the HIP SR, HIP Xtreme, BATS MYSTERY and HIP Fantasy collections.


o Against All Odds
o Baseball Bats

o Dark Ryder
o Foul Shot
o Ghost House
o My Broken Family
o Our Plane is Down
o Overboard
o Quake
o Hitting the Road
o Terror 911
o Walking Both Sides

Please note that the configuration of the current HIP TWEEN PACK is slightly different from what is advertised in the print catalog.  Scarface is on back order at this time and will be temporarily replaced by Hitting the Road.

For more novels for “in-between” readers, check out the BATS MYSTERY SERIES and the HIP FANTASY SERIES.


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