These novels all feature summer adventures, but are exciting to read any time of the year!

Click on any cover image to order or to get more information. Each of these titles may be ordered individually or as part of discounted LIBRARY PACKS. 

HIP Lost: a bullied teen runs away from summer camp
HIP Overboard: a blended family gets shipwrecked on a tropical vacation
HIP Wave: a Novel for teens and preteens about surviving a tsunami
HIP Quake: The boys survive the first earthquake but the aftershocks are even stronger.
Shooting the Rapids Book Cover
Roller Coaster Book Cover
Pump! Book Cover
Three Feet Under New Cover
HIP The Edge is Burning - Teenage boys must find out who is setting fires in their neighbourhood - and why
HIP One Last Scar - In spite of a troubled past, Ethan lives by his own set of rules.
HIP You Can't Make Me - a coming-of-age story about an Indigenous teen
HIP Street Racer - Haresh admires his daredevil cousin, until his cousin's recklessness causes an accident.
Turf War Book Cover
Catching Air: A QIUICKREAD Chapter book from High Interest Publishing
The Rapids: A HIP QUICKREAD novel from High interest Publishing
The Treasure: a HIP JR novel from High Interest Publishing
Bats 6: Baseball Bats Book Cover
HIP AGAINST ALL ODDS - a novel for adolescent readers about an unlikely hero
Playing Chicken Book Cover
Running for Dave Book Cover
Show Off Book Cover
Hitting the Road
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