What do HAND, HEART and HEAD questions look like?


  • Literal-level questioning
  • Answers can be found directly in the text
  • You can put your hand on the answer
  • How many dwarves were with Snow White?
  • What was the first thing Jack stole from the Giant?


  • Inferential
  • There will be clues in the text but the 
answer is not directly stated.
  • May be referred to as interpreting, infer
ring, or predicting
  • Why did Goldilocks go into the bears’ house?  How do you know?
  • How old do you think Red Riding Hood is?
  • Which little pig was the smartest?


  • Evaluative or affective
  • Offer no clues in the text to the “correct” answer
  • Answers may be speculation based on background knowledge or feelings
  • Often opinion questions or personal response
  • Which version of the Cinderella story did you prefer?  Why?
  • Which fairy tale character do you relate to most?  Why?
  • Why do you think the author made the changes he/she did in the “fractured” version of the story?
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