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21/08/18         Greeting Students at the Door:  Helpful or Hype?

21/05/07         Hey!  What about Prediction?

21/04/15          You Mean It’s All Supposed to Make Sense?

21/04/03         Past Picture Books?  You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

21/03/29         Is Reading Speed Overrated?

21/03/24         Content or Strategies?

20/09/16         In Defense of Easy Reading

20/03/06        The Pitfalls of Pair-Share

19/08/19         Individual Oral Reading Tests:  Who has Time?

19/08/19         Routines and Procedures

19/05/19         What to do if they can’t read the Textbook

19/01/27         Cursed by Cursive?

19/01/03         Are We Overdiagnosing Dyslexia?

18/11/06         Why Kids Should Read Novels During SSR Time

18/03/10         Hooked on a Series

18/01/15         Making the Most of Multiple Guess

17/12/27         Mid-Year Correction

17/11/19          Help! I’m losing my Reading Stamina

17/11/11          Good-bye Round Robin!

17/10/30         Making Teacher Workshops work for Us

17/09/15         The Wonder of Wait Time:  3-Second Magic

17/09/09         Don’t Raise your Hand!

17/08/27         Struggling but not Reluctant

17/07/25         How do we Teach about September 11…

17/07/04         Rules of English that We Thought We Knew

17/06/09         Rules of English that We Didn’t Know We Knew

17/05/22         Author’s Purpose:  Why Should We Care?

17/05/10         The Magic of Three

17/03/28         Was Rosenblatt Wrong about Reader Response?

17/03/16         Read Any Good Brochures Lately?

17/02/10         “Boy Books” and “Girl Books”

17/02/04         Homophonophobia

17/01/10         What Really Matters in Spelling Instruction?

16/11/16         Let’s Stop Teaching the Hamburger Paragraph

16/10/09         HI-LO…Yes or No?

16/08/13         Professional Development Beyond Pinterest

16/06/01         Do Comprehension Questions Actually Assess Comprehension?

16/04/03         Metaphorically Speaking

16/03/08         Are Mysteries Too Hard for Struggling Readers?

16/02/09         Writing about Reading:  The Broccoli of Literacy

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